AVI’s labor was utilized by another ministry who has begun transitioning their well drilling efforts to the southern portion of the country where they have identified a great need for clean water sources.   

We are so thankful that ministry exists as they were the organization that first introduced us as individuals to the water crisis.  We have each served with them multiple times through the years.  They have established over 600 well projects in the north and thousands now have access to safe water and have been shown the love of God.  They continue to discuss well maintenance and complex water systems for the north, while their drilling efforts have now been diverted to the south.

In the expert opinion of AVI there remains a need for new wells in the north and we agree.  There are many known communities still without a clean water source and additional areas being identified weekly.   Additionally, a clean water well may be in a community, however outlying people are walking miles to reach it.  Another well in that given area would prove very beneficial.

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